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Intimate Enhancing Cream

Experience the fulfillment of satisfying intimacy again, or for the first time - with Escalate - a new patented intimacy enhancement cream helping women experience greater intimate fulfillment.

Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, many women are unable to experience the fulfillment of personal intimacy as God intended it to be. Stress, hysterectomy, dryness, menopause, fatigue, nursing, or even just trying to live up to "Wonder Woman", all contribute to the challenge:

What should be rewarding.... is disappointing.

What should be fulfilling.... is frustrating.

What should be beautiful.... isn't even satisfying.

Fortunately, women now have a solution for achieving the intimate satisfaction and fulfillment they long for:

What is Escalate?

Escalate is a topical cream used to sensitize a woman's clitoris. Most women's challenges with arousal and sexual response are due to insufficient blood flow in the genital area. The amino acid, L-Arginine (essential for the production of Nitric Oxide), enhances female sexual response by stimulating the increase of blood flow to the clitoris and surrounding tissues. Escalate will not only increase a woman's sensitivity, but it also stimulates natural vaginal lubrication; thus correcting one of the most significant issues hampering women's enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

Escalate's patented* formulation creates an almost instant warm and invigorating sensation. This stimulates clitoral sensitivity and delivers the L-arginine which leads to improved sexual arousal and response. Though designed for women, Escalate creates a stimulating sensation for men, too!

L-Arginine and the Nitric Oxide Pathway

In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the significance of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. Nitric Oxide is important to many aspects of health, but the most celebrated benefit has been its impact on sexual performance for both men and women.

Put simply, Nitric Oxide is necessary to maintain optimal blood flow in the genital areas. With age, the body's production of Nitric Oxide diminishes, leading to reduced blood flow and hampering sexual arousal and response. This discovery led to the development of "the little blue pill" for men and now women have their solution as well.

To maintain optimal levels of Nitric Oxide, supplementation with L-Arginine is often recommended. For women, using Escalate on a daily basis supplies L-Arginine to the areas that need it most.

*About the patent - The manufacturer of Escalate has entered into an agreement with Dr. Ronald Thompson who was awarded a patent for the delivery system used in female sexual enhancement products containing L-arginine: U.S. Patent # 6,322,493.


Escalate Enhancing Cream

Price $29.95

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  • Increase sexual responsiveness
  • Enhance intimacy
  • Stimulate arousal
  • Improve Sensitivity
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Benefits for men as well
  • Proven effective
  • 100% Safe
  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • PH balanced
  • No known side effects
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Made in the USA
  • No Prescription Necessary