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Men's Sexual Health Products

Revive - L-Arginine
Formula For Men

Developed from 1998 Nobel Prize Award Winning Science for Physiology & Medicine.

Journal of Urology – September 1997, Moody JA, et al - There is a reasonable basis for using dietary supplementation with L-Arginine to improve male sexual function.

No Prescription Required

Daily All-Natural Supplement - No need to worry about taking medications at the right time. Revive is designed to take daily to improve spontaneity.

Safe and Effective - A pilot study on Men with mild to moderate impotence used L-Arginine for four weeks. 89% improved in the ability to maintain an erection during intercourse, while 75% improved in satisfaction with overall sex life. No reported side effects. (Hawaii Medical Journal, The Journal of the Hawaii Medical Association, December 1998 issue)

Cost Effective - Vacuum Erection Devices and Revive are the most economical methods of treating impotence. Revive can be combined with vacuum therapy for improved results.





Revive Men's Formula
All Natural L-Arginine Formula

Revive Men's Formula
1 Bottle 60 count …. $ 19.95

Item# HRFM1

Revive Men's Formula
2 Bottles 120 count …. $ 35.95

Item# HRFM2

Revive Men's Formula
3 Bottles 180 count …. $ 47.95

Item# HRFM3

Men's Complete Package

Includes one each:
ImpoAid VTU-1
K-Y Jelly 4 ounce tube
Revive Men’s Formula

Item# H2001